Television Review: Fox’s Touch

You would think that after viewing American Idol, one would grab their remote control and turn off their television when they see that a stirring drama titled Touch is on next, but the show actually did reel in great ratings (including some who stayed tuned after watching Idol). For all you fans of Heroes (which is one of my all time favorite television shows) Touch is the show for you. Tim Kring delivers a thrilling, heavy, and impacting one-hour block of drama. The show centers around protagonist Martin Bohm (portayed by 24's Keifer Sutherland) and his struggling relationship with his reticent son, Jake (played by newcomer David Mazouz). Jake's silence coupled with his phobia of touching others leads the audience to wonder 1. why is he so removed from physical human connection and 2. why is he always doodling numbers? Although the show primarily portrays the father-son dynamics, Touch (similarly to Heroes) catalogues various story lines of individuals from distinct locations across the globe that of course connect with one another.

I highly recommend this up and coming series based on the pilot episode. The show highly resembles Heroes, not only because it is the same creator, but also due to the cinematography and the musical score. So definitely give it a view! P.S. It is FREE on iTunes currently, so download it while you can. Here’s the link to grab it: