Movie Review: Drive

Ryan Gosling's performance in the legendary film “The Notebook,” is close to the hearts of many teenage girls, including myself. In his latest work “Drive,” he completely abandons his role as the lovey-dovey figure and becomes a bloody assassin (but don’t worry ladies, Gosling still is quite pleasing for the eyes.. and when I say quite, I actually mean very pleasing). The first half of the movie is more of a character study. The characters do not say much, but there really is no need for it; everything one needs to know about the main characters is portrayed by their motions and most importantly the cinematography. (P.S. I found it fascinating how the protagonist (Gosling’s character) does not have a name in the film, yet his namelessness does not impact the film) After Gosling gets thrown into a crazy unexpected situation (I am REALLY trying hard to not give too much away, so excuse my vagueness), blood begins to pour across the screen. Although “Drive” is not for those who have a phobia of excessive gore, I highly recommend those to view it that are in for a thrill ride and a compelling story. On top of that, the musical score for the film is incredible, which dominates the film due to the character’s lack of speech. Phenomenal actors such as Carey Mulligan, Christina Hendricks and Albert Brooks help Gosling create such a distinct mood in “Drive”. Let me know what you think of the film!

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Movie Review: LIMITLESS

So, I just came home from viewing the incredibly twisted but beautifully crafted film Limitless.┬áStaring Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra, the movie documented the tale of a writer wrestling with words, who is impelled to take a newly created drug that expands his mental capacity by far. Throughout the movie, Cooper’s character emerges as a man of power, but also has to deal with his internal downfall as well as his impending destruction. Overall, the movie was a mind-fucker, similar to Inception. I kept grabbing my hair, shutting my eyes, gasping, and literally holding on to the edge of my seat. Although I am a huge Inception fan, Inception did not incite the emotional responses as well as the physical reactions I had during Limitless. Not only does Cooper look damn good in the film, but he also brings to life a new character, who is struggling to deal with many morally based decisions. I kept thinking to myself (as well as saying to the person next to me… yes I’m the annoying person who talks in the theatre when getting awfully excited) what would i do in this situation? Would I kill the dude, rely on a tablet that induces superhuman abilities, or hope my instinctual human instincts would kick in at some point? I highly recommend all you movie lovers, Cooper fans… pretty much everyone to take the time to see this movie. Sure, it may give you quite a headache due to the stunning graphics, the crazy filmography, on top of having to further contemplate the movie… HOWEVER it is definitely one that you will not be able to stop talking about!